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Green Duckling Chilli Seed TANBARU 5 gr.
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08 Aug 2019
1 sachet
IDR 17.000

Specification of

TANKARU Green Duck Green Chilli Seeds

Product Description:
-Adapts both in low and medium plains, in the rainy and dry seasons
-Stand plants are tall, leafy and relatively high
Fruit-shaped elongated taper end
-Fruits are green when young and red when old
-The fruit is about 4-6 cm long with a diameter of about 0.8 cm.
- Early maturity harvest, can be harvested from the age of 90 HST.
- Dense fruit with a potential yield of around 1.2 kg per plant.
- Spicy taste, hard fruit, long shelf life
Plant tolerant to yellow viruses and streaks.
-The need for seeds per hectare is around 200-250 gr.
-Power grew 85%
- 98% purity

Net weight: 5 gr. (around 1200 seeds)
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Original factory packaging (not repacking)

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# vegetable seeds # cayenne pepper

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