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Multi Agri Sarana (Jawa Barat, Indonesia)

Bursabenih Is an agribusiness company engaged in the procurement / provider of superior seeds of fruit and vegetable plants consisting of various different varieties according to your needs, God willing, the seeds we sell are guaranteed quality and quality, we always try to prioritize the satisfaction of our customers, hopefully our efforts can be beneficial and mutually beneficial

Amen, amen. Yes Roobbal naturally

We also open business opportunities for those of you who want to become our partners in this business such as becoming a Reseller or Dropshipper

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Jl. Raden Khanafiah No.01 RT. 05/01
Exo Cimahpar, Kec. North Bogor
Bogor City - West Java


Tel. 0251-8576771

Mobile: 081210808879

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"Truly God Grows Grains of Plants and Seeds of Fruits, He Removes the Living from the Dead and Removes the Dead from the Living. (Who Has Attributes) Is God, So Why Do You Still Turn?


Kami merupakan penyedia benih sayuran & buah buahan unggul dan terpercaya di Indonesia. Jenis benih yang Kami jual seperti benih sayuran (tomat, kangkung, jagung manis, bayam, buncis, sawi caisim, terong, kemangi, seledri, kacang panjang, pare, oyong, cabai, wortel, okra), benh buah buahan (timun, pepaya, semangka, waluh, melon), benih tanaman (sengon), dan banyak lagi. Kami menjual benih terlengkap dan berkualitas unggul.


Jl. R. Khanafiah No.01 RT.01 RW.05 Kelurahan Cimahpar Bogor 16154
Jawa Barat , Indonesia


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